Multi-Parameter Analyzer – CRONOS® and CRIUS®

Multi-sensor, multi-channel, multi-parameter analyzers can greatly reduce the cost per point of any measurements, including pH, residual chlorine, ORP, ozone, chlorine dioxide, dissolved oxygen and turbidity measurements, without risking the quality of those measurements.

Both the CRONOS® and CRIUS®4.0 controllers allow the connection of multiple sensors. For example, a CRIUS®4.0 may be made up of multi-sensors of the same variety, such as up to four chlorine sensors, or could be made up of a combination (multi-channel analyzer), such as a pH sensor, a chlorine sensor, and a turbidity sensor.

Whatever you need from your multi-channel analyzer, the CRONOS® and CRIUS®4.0 ranges will deliver.

How To Specify a Pi AnalyzerTechnical Note815kB
Water 4.0, Industry 4.0, IoT, SMART and DIGITALTechnical Note727kB
CRONOS® and CRIUS®4.0 Control OptionsTechnical Note608kB
Remote Access – InSiteBrochure1.3mB
Remote Access – LIVE DATATechnical Note586kB
AutoflushTechnical Note1.6MB
Probe FoulingTechnical Note459kB
PID ControlTechnical Note710kB
VSD Control to Reduce Swimming Pool Electricity BillsTechnical Note665kB
DPD ChecklistTechnical Note487kB

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